Sectional Doors


Industrial sectional doors; Factory doors, warehouse doors, workshop doors, hangar doors etc. It is frequently used as automatic door systems in buildings where industrial and industrial studies are carried out. It provides advantages in terms of usage in the interior spaces of industrial buildings due to its vertical working principle and variety of bedding usage (standard, guillotine, highlift, etc.). Since industrial doors are products made of panels, they provide a high level of insulation advantage in terms of both hot and cold climates.

Folder (accordion) type sectional door systems, one of the industrial door systems in the class of automatic door systems, are used extensively especially in large-scale building entrances such as hangars and aircraft warehouses, and are offered as the most suitable solution for closing the entrances with large dimensions in the interior but with insufficient ceiling detail.

Industrial sectional doors, in addition to the advantages of applying various window systems, applying on the door or external personnel door, can be painted in all desired ral codes and adapt to exterior facades and provide an aesthetic appearance from an architectural point of view. Thanks to its solid structure, it is resistant to impacts, and it can be operated continuously by replacing the parts that have been impacted.

Sectional doors, supported by spare parts and accessories, provide comfortable and simple use with fast service and assembly service.
Based on the frequency of use, the sectional doors, which can be provided with a long-lasting and more robust structure by using torsion springs with a long spring life, provide safety in terms of occupational health and safety by stopping the closing process when there is any load or personnel under the door with the Pneumatic safety system. In addition, security can be provided with safety photocells and loop detector (metal mass detector) automations applied to the ground.

Sectional door opening and closing operations are generally used with button control, as well as wireless and contactless opening and closing with remote control or radar entry options.
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Bedding types:

Panel Types:


Industrial steel shutter system, galvanized and stainless steels, which vary in size according to the area of use and dimensions, are produced specifically for your projects with the studies we have prepared specifically for the area to be used. The wall thickness of the lamellas made of galvanized steel sheets varies according to the size and frequency of use. The lamellas, which can be produced in all RAL codes with oven paint application, adapt to exterior systems in terms of architecture.

Steel shutters, whose automation is completed with imported and domestic engine options, are chosen based on the frequency of use and the dimensions of the area to be applied. Side channels or rails called struts prevent friction by adjusting the necessary gaps during application and provide long-lasting ease of use. In addition to being able to work with remote control and button control systems; It can also be controlled by radar and other transit systems. The motors used in the shutter systems used in industrial and commercial projects are designed to be of high quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free.

It is produced with our quality and durable galvanized shutter systems and ROLL – FORM machines that use the latest technology to keep your usage safety at the highest level.
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Galvanized Shutter Technical Features:

  • Galvanized steel shutter lamellas consist of first quality galvanized steel profiles with dimensions of 77 – 100 mm and a wall thickness of 0.80-1.50 mm.
  • Strut profiles are 2.00mm. It is made of wall thickness and galvanized steel.
  • The rubber wick used in the uprights prevents abrasion by preventing friction between metals, and provides both sound and partial heat insulation.
  • They show maximum resistance against explosive and flammable materials.
  • Our high radio frequency systems in the controls used allow remote control, so it does not require extra wiring for the central control system.
  • With its smart motor system, in case of detecting any object with its sensitive obstacle sensors, both the shutter and the stuck objects stop automatically without being damaged.
  • Imported high quality motors, which allow manual use in case of power cuts, can be controlled by both remote control and button control unit.


Metal Carcass Parts

ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Door frame assembly; It is made of steel profiles and must be painted with electrostatic paint. It should be in a portable and divisible structure, and in this way, transportation to the assembly area and application of assembly should be facilitated. The door should be able to work in accordance with the telescopic structure, and its sealing feature should be provided with gasket systems. Telescopic door wings should be designed in accordance with the wind resistance calculation, projected by our company and submitted to the customer’s approval together with the static strength document.

ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors Panels

ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors Panels consist of 2 pieces of galvanized sheet metal with an average thickness of 50 mm and filled with high-density polyurethane foam. Door panel fillers must comply with environmental conditions. There should be an isolation gasket at the junction points of the door panels and air tightness should be provided.

Service Door application in ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors

On the movable wing of ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors, the desired number and size of service doors can be applied during the project phase.

Lighting Windows in ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors

Lighting windows can be applied on ProDoor Telescopic Hangar Doors in desired quantities and sizes during the project phase.

These windows must be made of heat insulated and acrylic insulated glass in accordance with environmental conditions.


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