Photocell Glass Sliding Doors


Radar glass sliding doors, which are frequently used in commercial and industrial areas, especially in business and living centers, have stylish design, easy use and architecturally complementary features. Radar glass doors, which provide ease of use in busy passages with their non-contact opening feature, can be applied in various sizes as single and double wings. Imported and alternatively produced domestic radar sliding doors have various usage advantages with their winter position feature as well as their silent operation. Photocell doors, which can be easily controlled thanks to the digital position setting, can also be used with features such as button control and remote control.

In today’s projects, glass door, photocell door, photocell glass door, photocell door systems, radar glass door, sliding glass door, radar door is one of the most sought-after products of the automatic doors group.
Photocell doors from the group of automatic door systems; It can work in integration with the garage door, building entrance and access systems, and it can be used by providing security photocells with access security. Photocell door system, which is frequently used in residential and commercial projects with its various design and color usage features, attracts a lot of attention as a building entrance door in terms of its aesthetic and usefulness in residential and building entrances today.

The ability to give architectural features makes it a flexible product in terms of interior and exterior architecture. Automatic photocell doors, which can be designed as single wing and double wing, are mounted inside the mechanism chassis with suspension apparatus; It works based on the principle of working in two different directions by means of belts. Glass doors with radar at the entrances and exits are automatically opened in case of any personnel or mass. Photocell glass doors, which are generally used by choosing laminated glasses within the wing frames, can be designed with PVC and composite materials as well as various glass options.
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In today’s hospital projects, the sterilization of the rooms is provided by the pressurization system. The sterilization process, which is carried out by pumping certain amounts of air into the rooms and vacuuming some air, creates a pressure in the room, especially in the operating rooms. Under this pressure, hospital or hygienic doors cannot provide complete sealing because they operate in a single plane. Operating room sterilized by pressurization system etc. It works despite at least 100 pa pressure at the entrances of places such as; They are automatic doors that can operate in three axes with stainless steel or compact laminated leaf options. When closed, they provide pressure from four different points and keep the rich air inside the closed room. With this feature, it provides protection of the conditions in air-conditioned rooms and sound insulation to a certain extent.

Hermetic doors are used to keep sterile air inside and to prevent non-sterile air from entering from outside in terms of patient health and in order to create a sterile environment by purifying the surgical environments from germs.
While stainless steel blades are desired for sterilization and deformation of the blades over time, there is no sterilization weakness, while other blade options are preferred for similar tasks. For this purpose, it is required that the doors have passed the necessary tests and measurements, as they must be test documents.
Semi-hermetic doors produced by using different wing products and impermeability degrees are also frequently used for the environment and rooms, corridors and sections, which are seen in the second plan where the sterilization feature is not absolutely necessary.

In addition to being applied as single wing and double wing, it also fulfills the task of providing observation permission by adding rectangular and oval observation windows applications.
Although the entrance and exit system of hermetic hospital doors is button-operated, it is preferred that the exits are contactless with radar and the entrances are automated with password entry, eye recognition, card entry and button entry system. The most common features are hermetic doors, especially at the entrances of the operating room, to be opened by hand sensor, hand button and knee button in order to prevent hand contact of healthcare personnel.
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Fixed and circular side panels, which are manufactured in completely circular form, are connected to the middle shaft or can rotate with the console; These are the main entrance doors of the building, which provide passage with three or four movable wings, with high insulation and prestige. They are systems that can operate in three different ways: automatically, push and go, and manual operation, are rich in resistance, support architecture in terms of usage and visuality. Since they are self-carrying systems, they do not need an external blind casing system. It is among the indispensables of buildings that require prestige such as hotels, shopping malls, and Headquarters.

General features:

4 or 3 wings can be applied
200-300 cm total diameter
All glass fabrication upper ceiling
Can be painted in all Ral codes or Anodized gray
Door system halogen Illumination feature

Additional features:

It is a transparent automatic revolving door system as it is completely glass.
The upper part, which is manufactured from tempered glass in two parts on the upper part of the main body, is securely fixed to the curved fixed sections with special inox clamps (glass holders).
The electric and motor system is hidden in a special section on the floor of the automatic revolving glass door, in the lower part of the mat.
In cases where the floor to be applied is not suitable, if there is a suitable room at the bottom of the floor, it is possible to hang that section on the ceiling.
It is produced as a choice with 4 or 3 wings.
Automatic revolving glass door wings are all made of laminated glass, and they are joined to glass with inox clamps in the middle section, in accordance with the system of glass doors, without the need for any pedestals. However, since it is necessary to use door brushes to completely isolate the air currents, 25 mm bristle brush holder metal profiles surround all the wings.
Glass wings have the feature of being foldable during panic and wide escape spaces can be provided by being folded and opened during an emergency.
Automatic revolving glass doors manufactured between 300 and 160 cm diameters; It is preferred for its ability to operate in 3 different ways, semi-automatic, fully automatic and manual.
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