Barrier Systems


Barrier systems are mostly used in front entrance doors and the front parts of garage entrances, as well as in the front entrance doors of buildings, sites, villas and workplaces, as well as being a useful entrance security system for both less and intensive uses. Barrier systems can be used with arm lengths and different units according to the passage distances. Although all of our barrier systems work with 24 volt DC, their installation is very simple. The arms of the barrier can be attached to both sides so that they can be opened on the right or left side. Switches and other units used during opening and closing are adjustable. All of the barriers have the ability to recognize obstacles. Safety photocells are connected so that the vehicle or personnel are not damaged during the passage, thus ensuring safety of passage.

Although external batteries can be connected to the barrier systems, the two barriers can be adjusted to work synchronously. In addition, it is possible to integrate with transit services such as HGS and OGS. With the loop detector feature, it is possible to control the barrier during the exit without the need for any opening button or button.

The barrier system has a superior working capacity with its technological structure and improvement of its mechanical structure.

Barriers are specially produced to work in all kinds of areas and climatic conditions, regardless of indoor or outdoor space. – It works from 20 C degrees to + 50 C degrees.
4 Meter Barrier, total opening time is 3.5 Seconds. It has a total weight of 46 kg.
5 Meter Barrier, total opening time is 3.5 Seconds. It has a total weight of 46 kg.
The total opening time of the 6 Meter Barrier is 6 Seconds. It has a total weight of 54 kg.

Although there are barrier systems that can be opened up to 9 meters apart from the arm distances mentioned above, arm applications that can be bent 90 degrees can be applied with the arm breaking apparatus in interior spaces where ceiling heights are not sufficient or in car parks. It is more beneficial to make a discovery in this regard, and it is recommended to consult our authorized personnel for other detailed information and application issues.
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Hydraulic Bollard Barriers, which are resistant to impacts and climatic conditions, are manufactured from 304 Quality Stainless pipes in European norms with their high technological structure. The diameters and heights of the bollards can vary according to the needs of the application area or the desired security levels. Through its electronic features, the raising and lowering process can be controlled by all card readers, remote controls, biometric readers, license plate recognition systems or any access control system with a simple control button. However, in the current system; Safety automations such as loop (area) detector, safety photocells, warning lights or red – green traffic lights can be easily integrated.

Hydraulic bollards are used as an alternative to other barrier systems at the entrances of buildings and workplaces, private residences and villas that require intense security; It provides a high level of durable security service against impacts.
In today’s conditions, automatic door systems, which are used together with parking gates, arm barriers and known as hydraulic barriers, hydraulic bollard barriers, bollard barriers, can also be automated with loop detectors, parking systems, and personal parking barriers.

Personal parking barrier products, on the other hand, are our parking barrier systems, which are generally used individually, and they are specific products that allow personal use through a single user. As the most preferred reasons, it is used in cases where vehicle parking problems are encountered or to prevent parking of different vehicles in private parking areas. These systems, which are available in different sizes and shapes with their reflective structure; There are varieties suitable for all kinds of preferences with manual, locked and automatic options. It is preferred to be used intensively because of the parts that can be easily changed in case of impact, easy assembly and deterrence. It is the entrance systems product, which is the most preferred reason for providing personal use area, especially in sections with common use areas. It can also be supplied as assembled, due to the simplicity of the discovery process, ease of assembly, and size that does not require transportation.

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High level high security (Road blocker) Block Barriers; It is a product of automatic barrier systems, which are specially designed to prevent the entry of unauthorized and / or unauthorized vehicles with very advanced security measures and strengthened against impacts.
It is used in terms of security control in projects and buildings, such as areas requiring high-level military security, areas requiring security during the transfer of valuable materials and minerals, areas where vehicle access is strictly prohibited.

Anti Terror Road Blocker barriers stopped the heavy vehicle after a 12,000 kilogram (12 tons) heavy vehicle collided at 80 kilometers per hour in the crash tests carried out in Europe and continued to operate without any problems. In this way, it is a product with international certification. Road blocker barriers, the only product in our country with the P1 class test certificate, which is an international test certificate in this field, has managed to become a preferred and desired product in international projects as well.

Road blocker barriers, which are from the group of automatic door systems barrier systems; It can work with garage door, arm barrier, sliding door, circular door, parking gates and integratedly, but it can also be used in other parking systems, personal parking barriers, button control, remote control by providing safety with loop detector. The barrier system, which has started to be used in residential and commercial projects with its various design and color usage features, attracts a lot of attention today.

The road blocker (block barriers), which are buried in the ground by providing sufficient mounting space by excavation of the ground, is used by placing concrete around it and burying it in the ground.
Road blocker barriers, which are an automatic barrier system that can continue to work after the impact, are products suitable for use in military fields in this sense. Its bellows structure, which allows it to flex during impact, has been designed in a way suitable for practical use during opening and closing times.
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