About Us

Our company, which provides service in all regions throughout Turkey, has aimed to respond to all kinds of requirements of the door systems needed from the projecting stage to the turnkey point in the Automatic door systems sector, which requires competence, quality and reliability.

• Housing projects
• Industrial projects
• Business and Life Centers
• Hospital projects

While trying to provide all these and similar services in other structures, it has been adopted as our main policy to deliver
to our customers under the guarantee and responsibility of our company, in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and specifications.


Our company PRODOOR AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS, operating in the building sector, which is one of the cornerstones of the economy and development; It has adopted the quality and service policy aiming at the top since the first project it took on.
is moving towards becoming a brand. PRODOOR AUTOMATIC DOOR SYSTEMS administrative staff who constantly improve and question themselves; It has adopted the principle of giving confidence as a solution partner with its respectful approach to ethical values, laws and regulations.


It carries out all the necessary activities to move forward on the way to become a national brand in its sector and without compromising its quality policy, and to carry its own corporate structure above the standards.

Our story

Our administrative staff started to operate in the automatic door systems sector based on their commercial and individual experiences. It has taken a place in the automatic door systems market in a short time with solid foundations and continuity.

As Klc construction company, we entered the sector with all our experience. We started to offer automatic door systems services together with construction services.

Our company started to rise towards the top by providing many projects and assembly services throughout the country.

Our company, which serves many large companies, project official and private institutions and multinational companies in its sector, has decided to continue its automatic door systems services under the roof of PRODOOR.